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12 A-Grade Red Naomi Roses, accompanied by romantic soft foliage, presented in a sweetheart vase.


'The Red Naomi Rose glows in sensual beauty. She is a rose that expresses love with a fine touch at the very core of someone’s heart. Her characteristics are superior: She is the rose with a perfect red color that features a smooth, velvety shade and has a long vaselife. The Red Naomi rose has a large flower head and can have as many as 80 flower petals per bloom. Red Naomi roses are the only cut red rose that are scented – their perfume is subtle and sweet.'  -


*Image shows a Standard bouquet.

Classic Romance

PriceFrom £70.00
  • Should the exact flowers not be available for your chosen date, they will be replaced by an alternative as similar as possible to the description, and of the same value or more. 

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