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At Willow and Sage, we are committed to offering environmentally friendly options for funeral tributes. Our 100% Biodegradable Design is a beautiful and sustainable choice that honours your loved one's memory while being kind to the planet. Available in White/Cream only, each arrangement is carefully crafted with seasonal flowers of the designer's choice, ensuring a unique and ever-changing selection that reflects the beauty of nature. The biodegradable materials used in this eco-conscious choice not only minimize the impact on the environment, allowing you to pay tribute to your loved one in a meaningful and sustainable way. Choose our 100% Biodegradable Design and let the beauty of seasonal flowers create a heartfelt and environmentally responsible farewell.

100% Biodegradable Funeral Design

PriceFrom £100.00
  • n.b. - 5 working days is required when ordering this design 

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